PHOTOGRAPHY / ARMANDO FREZZE DURAND CREATIVE DIRECTOR / JOSE VETTER MODEL / KEVIN ODERMATT TEXT / JAVIER R. CRUZ FOR DOOPLER MAGAZINE Kevin, this striking 22 years old from Santa Fe, Argentina. Not only is beauty, but creates it as well. He is an interior designer, event coordinator, and has his own clothing line called sex&sailors.On his spare time he … Continue reading Kevin


PHOTOGRAPHY / ARMANDO FREZZE DURAND CREATIVE DIRECTOR / JOSE VETTER MODEL / NICOLAS MACIA AND FRANCO SPOTTI  Armando Frezze Durand is an artist based in Buenos Aires. With these images begins a photographic essay on new urban messengers. Messengers who colonize from the networks new subjectivities, with new believers and new social codes. Models are Nicolas Macia and Franco Spotti. … Continue reading THE MESSENGERS


PHOTOGRAPHY / ARMANDO FREZZE DURAND MODEL / OSCAR TEXT / DANIEL PADRINO FOR DOOPLER MAGAZINE Löwenbrücke means Lion’s Bridge. It is located in Tiergarten, one of our favorite locations in Berlin. We enjoyed a bicycle ride with Oscar during Spring. This bridge was a replica of the Löwenbrücke in St. Petersburg and that is the only bridge which survived … Continue reading LÖWENBRÜCKE

Corazón de León

PHOTOGRAPHY / ARMANDO FREZZE DURAND CREATIVE DIRECTOR / JOSE VETTER MODEL / JUAN CRUZ LEON TEXT / JAVIER R. CRUZ FOR DOOPLER MAGAZINE The captivating effortless looks of Juan, his personality, body and ink, all blend together to form this unique being. He got his first tattoo at the early age of 15, as a form of art and … Continue reading Corazón de León

Argentinean Soccer prayer

PHOTOGRAPHY: ARMANDO FREZZE DURAND  MODEL / JUAN SALMERI  TEXT /  JAVIER R. CRUZ Juan Salmeri, is not your average good looking 20-year-old from Argentina. He has been playing soccer (fútbol) since he was eight, has traveled through Latin America and Europe, lived in Argentina, Italy, and Spain. He currently resides in Barcelona where he continues training … Continue reading Argentinean Soccer prayer


PHOTOGRAPHY: ARMANDO FREZZE DURAND  MODEL / LAUTARO DEMARCO  TEXT /  JAVIER R. CRUZ Lautaro Demarco. This beautiful young musician from Buenos Aires, grew up in a family of musicians. Surrounded by sound and influences its no surprise that he possesses an innate talent for music. His songs tell a story, personal, emotional, raw. Each life experience provides … Continue reading LAUTI ROCK`S


PHOTOGRAPHY: ARMANDO FREZZE DURAND MODEL / DANIEL PADRINO TEXT /  JAVIER R. CRUZ A Venezuelan native, Daniel has been living in Buenos Aires a year, and has already made headlines for Doopler Magazine becoming an object of study for the lens of Armando Frezze, and being featured in the pages of Frezze’s photography book “Into … Continue reading DANIEL EL TEMIBLE


PHOTOGRAPHY /ARMANDO FREZZE DURAND MODEL & DRAWINGS / FABRO TRANCHIDA TEXT/ JAVIER R. CRUZ FOR DOOPLER MAGAZINE Fabro Tranchida is a 28 years old Argentinian visual artist. He lives and works in Buenos Aires. You can discover his creativity in an array of mediums including, photography, sketching, graphics, and/or video installations. His unique perspective on youth, … Continue reading FABRO


PHOTOGRAPHY / ARMANDO FREZZE DURAND CREATIVE DIRECTOR / JOSE VETTER MODEL / FRANCO SPOTTI TEXT / JAVIER R. CRUZ FOR DOOPLER MAGAZINE Franco’s image captivated Jose Vetter attention on a Bus in Buenos Aires and from that first meeting he has been modelling for Armando Frezze Durand and Doopler Mag; What originally started as a casual shoot has turned into a … Continue reading EL PEQUEÑO REY


PHOTOGRAPHY /ARMANDO FREZZE DURAND VIDEO / ARMANDO FREZZE DURAND, FEDERICO CARAM MODELS / MANU FERREIRO OUTFIT/ BANDOLEIRO / WWW.BANDOLEIRO.COM.AR MUSIC / BREATHE by ALEJANDRO PAZ + LUNA TEXT/ DANIEL PADRINO FOR DOOPLER MAGAZINE   Manu lives in Villa Crespo, casually known as Palermo Queens. Iconic Buenos Aires neighborhood close to Palermo. Manu is one of those guys who … Continue reading MANU


PHOTOGRAPHY / ARMANDO FREZZE DURAND MODEL / THOMAS LIETTI FOR UNIVERSE MANAGEMENT TEXT / DANIEL PADRINO FOR DOOPLER MAGAZINE SPECIAL THANKS TO BABEL SUITES   Snowboarder and model. These are the two words which describe Thomas easily. He is an Argentinian who comes from Ushuaia, the southernmost habited city in the world. During his time in Buenos Aires he … Continue reading I’M FROM USHUAIA


PHOTOGRAPHY / ARMANDO FREZZE DURAND MODEL / ADAM FISCHER TEXT / DANIEL PADRINO FOR DOOPLER MAGAZINE (SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH NEW VIDEO) We met Adam while enjoying a Juana Molina show at the Konex in Buenos Aires on September 2014. Show finished, music stopped. We stayed out of the building talking and waiting for friends. Surrounded by the crowd, excited by … Continue reading FISHING ADAM


PHOTOGRAPHY / ARMANDO FREZZE DURAND MODEL / BRIAN KOHAN TEXT/ RONAN FOR DOOPLER MAGAZINE #10   Lo veo haciendo una grulla. Con Brian nos juntamos a fumar cigarrillos y hablar de si ser o no ser vegetariano. Después nos subimos a un colectivo que atravesaba toda la capital. Toma la cerveza juntando mucho los labios sobre la … Continue reading BRIAN


PHOTOGRAPHY / ARMANDO FREZZE DURAND MODEL / CEREZO TEXT/ RONAN TRANSLATE / DANIEL PADRINO FOR DOOPLER MAGAZINE #8   Welcome to Neverland. Justo cuando el Sol se posa en Escorpio, Cerezo se mira en ese lago donde el reflejo devuelve luz. Un cuerpo, dos cuerpos, besos. Flores se rompen y desgranan en su boca, muerde estrellas. Dame una … Continue reading GLASS CANDY


PHOTOGRAPHY / ARMANDO FREZZE MODEL / WOLLE SCHROEDER TEXT / RONAN NUÑEZ FOR DOOPLER MAGAZINE   Mirar las olas golpeando en la playa. Eso dice Wolle del amor. ”No tengo un estilo definido de chica perfecta. Cuando uno se enamora, se enamora”. Pero reconoce que él fue más el chico malo. Que tuvo que demostrar que … Continue reading EL LOBO ESTÁ


PHOTOGRAPHY / ARMANDO FREZZE, JOSE VETTER TEXT/ CALU RIVERO TRANSLATE / DANIEL PADRINO MODEL / CALU RIVERO FOR DOOPLER MAGAZINE #4   “My priority is being myself always and never lose the immense happiness that i carry now. I don’t want bad people close to me, jealous, prejudiced. When i’m an actress, i search, i experiment, i … Continue reading CALU RIVERO


PHOTOGRAPHY / ARMANDO FREZZE, JOSE VETTER MODEL / MAERO KOEHLER FOR UNIVERSE MANAGEMENT TEXT / RONAN NUÑEZ FOR DOOPLER MAGAZINE   Maero es rock, los labios grandes, el pelo largo; es una madrugada entre birras, cigarrillos y el Guitar Hero. Maero está enamorado. O eso dijo en Facebook. Camina en silencio entre las plataformas de la estación … Continue reading EL CORDOBÉS

Virtual Gallery: Armando Frezze Durand

PHOTOGRAPHY / ARMANDO FREZZE DURAND MODELS / NACHO, MANU, BRUNO, IVAN, SANTT, BRIAN, CEPI Y JONA. TEXT / ARMANDO FREZZE DURAND FOR DOOPLER MAGAZINE   BUY your limited edition photos 75 x 50 cm, numbered and signed by the artist HERE COMPRA tu foto edición limitada 75 x 50 cm, enumerada y firmada por el artista AQUÍ   “Un intento desesperado por frenar, un … Continue reading Virtual Gallery: Armando Frezze Durand


PHOTOGRAPHY / ARMANDO FREZZE, JOSE VETTER TEXT/ DANIEL PADRINO MODEL / LEANDRO CARRIZO FOR DOOPLER MAGAZINE #08 There are certain things we do by the first time which could scare us, betray us, even confuse us. But there are other ones happening every day purifying us. These are the powerful actions where beauty hides from daily lives. The … Continue reading KENDRO FIRST TIME


PHOTOGRAPHY / ARMANDO FREZZE TEXT/  MODEL / JUAN SALMERI FOR DOOPLER MAGAZINE       Find out more about Juan Salmeri: DOOPLER #10 Encuentra más de Juan Salmeri: DOOPLER #10