PHOTOGRAPHY / ARMANDO FREZZE DURAND CREATIVE DIRECTOR / JOSE VETTER MODEL / NICOLAS MACIA AND FRANCO SPOTTI  Armando Frezze Durand is an artist based in Buenos Aires. With these images begins a photographic essay on new urban messengers. Messengers who colonize from the networks new subjectivities, with new believers and new social codes. Models are Nicolas Macia and Franco Spotti. … Continue reading THE MESSENGERS


PHOTOGRAPHY /ARMANDO FREZZE DURAND MODEL & DRAWINGS / FABRO TRANCHIDA TEXT/ JAVIER R. CRUZ FOR DOOPLER MAGAZINE Fabro Tranchida is a 28 years old Argentinian visual artist. He lives and works in Buenos Aires. You can discover his creativity in an array of mediums including, photography, sketching, graphics, and/or video installations. His unique perspective on youth, … Continue reading FABRO