PHOTOGRAPHY / ARMANDO FREZZE DURAND MODEL / CEREZO TEXT/ RONAN TRANSLATE / DANIEL PADRINO FOR DOOPLER MAGAZINE #8   Welcome to Neverland. Justo cuando el Sol se posa en Escorpio, Cerezo se mira en ese lago donde el reflejo devuelve luz. Un cuerpo, dos cuerpos, besos. Flores se rompen y desgranan en su boca, muerde estrellas. Dame una … Continue reading GLASS CANDY


PHOTOGRAPHY / ARMANDO FREZZE, JOSE VETTER TEXT/ DANIEL PADRINO MODEL / LEANDRO CARRIZO FOR DOOPLER MAGAZINE #08 There are certain things we do by the first time which could scare us, betray us, even confuse us. But there are other ones happening every day purifying us. These are the powerful actions where beauty hides from daily lives. The … Continue reading KENDRO FIRST TIME