PHOTOGRAPHY / ARMANDO FREZZE DURAND CREATIVE DIRECTOR / JOSE VETTER MODEL / FRANCO SPOTTI TEXT / JAVIER R. CRUZ FOR DOOPLER MAGAZINE Franco’s image captivated Jose Vetter attention on a Bus in Buenos Aires and from that first meeting he has been modelling for Armando Frezze Durand and Doopler Mag; What originally started as a casual shoot has turned into a … Continue reading EL PEQUEÑO REY


PHOTOGRAPHY / ARMANDO FREZZE, JOSE VETTER TEXT/ CALU RIVERO TRANSLATE / DANIEL PADRINO MODEL / CALU RIVERO FOR DOOPLER MAGAZINE #4 www.calurivero.com   “My priority is being myself always and never lose the immense happiness that i carry now. I don’t want bad people close to me, jealous, prejudiced. When i’m an actress, i search, i experiment, i … Continue reading CALU RIVERO