PHOTOGRAPHY / ARMANDO FREZZE DURAND CREATIVE DIRECTOR / JOSE VETTER MODEL / FRANCO SPOTTI TEXT / JAVIER R. CRUZ FOR DOOPLER MAGAZINE Franco’s image captivated Jose Vetter attention on a Bus in Buenos Aires and from that first meeting he has been modelling for Armando Frezze Durand and Doopler Mag; What originally started as a casual shoot has turned into a … Continue reading EL PEQUEÑO REY


PHOTOGRAPHY / ARMANDO FREZZE, JOSE VETTER TEXT/ DANIEL PADRINO MODEL / LEANDRO CARRIZO FOR DOOPLER MAGAZINE #08 There are certain things we do by the first time which could scare us, betray us, even confuse us. But there are other ones happening every day purifying us. These are the powerful actions where beauty hides from daily lives. The … Continue reading KENDRO FIRST TIME