Argentinean Soccer prayer

Argentinean Soccer prayer




Juan Salmeri, is not your average good looking 20-year-old from Argentina. He has been playing soccer (fútbol) since he was eight, has traveled through Latin America and Europe, lived in Argentina, Italy, and Spain. He currently resides in Barcelona where he continues training as a professional soccer player.

His first team was River Plate, in Argentina, then moved onto playing for Defensores de Belgrano, and eventually made his way into Club Lanús (Premier Soccer Division) where he officially started his career as a professional soccer player.

Juan stays in shape by rigorous daily training, which consists of morning soccer practice, followed by attending school and in the afternoon hitting the gym. As if by destiny, during one of those school breaks, he met and befriended the team at Doopler mag, who couldn’t resist his attractive looks and personality, and had him photographed. The pictures landed in an agency, and thanks to Doopler and those first pictures, a chain reaction was set in motion, that turned into a modeling gig and acting opportunities for him.

A true Argentinian at heart he has a strong passion for soccer, and his goal is to always strive to advance, to be better every day and work his way to become a Top Tier Professional Soccer Player.

On his rare spare moments, he gets to rest, replenish for training, catch up on reading, or go to the beach. Dedicated as he is to soccer, Juan has found time and place in his life for the Fine Arts. He enjoys the theater, acting, photography, and, if you are lucky, you will find him singing you a Tango.


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